When assessing the potential value of a personal injury claim, an experienced attorney with a specialty in accident claims will always look at a variety of factors. These factors all stem from the accident and its impact on the victim’s life. One of the most important such factors is medical costs. And, of course, any medical costs incurred to date will be included. But what about future medical costs? How do they factor into negotiations when evaluating what the plaintiff is entitled to as a result of the accident at the hands of others?

Quick Settlements Often Do Not Take Into Account Future Medical Treatment

Well, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, insurers make quick settlement offers that account for injuries and damage that are presently visible. And because of the swift nature of those offers and the pressure to sign-off on liability releases to secure them, personal injury claims are often settled before they have a chance at being fully evaluated when an experienced personal injury attorney is not consulted.

When that happens future medical treatment resulting from the accident is often pursued at the cost of the victim. Seems unfair, sure. But it’s a fact that once you settle, your right to future damages–even though the at-fault entity was once liable for those damages–is gone.

If you have an injury that requires extensive therapy, you’re on the hook for that treatment. If your injury eventually precludes future work and reduces or destroys your employability, you’re on hook for the financial toll that takes on your life. If you suffer emotional trauma, or a greatly reduced ability to enjoy an intimate relationship with your spouse, or develop a disability that has been unforeseen until now, all resulting from the accident in question, once you accept a claim from the at-fault entity, you’re on the hook for the costs associated with dealing with those developments.

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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Always Consider the Likelihood of Future Medical Treatment

Medical treatment in the aftermath of an accident is often an ongoing need. For that reason, an experienced personal injury lawyer will often wait until their client has undergone all treatment related to their injuries and is fully recovered to truly assess damages. As such, some cases may indeed take years to play out. This can often be a reason that insurers negotiate a flat settlement, rather than avoiding a costly legal battle that drags out. Of course, no one wants to have to wait years to get payment for injuries they are recovering from. So an experienced personal injury attorney will often take into account potential damages that may emanate from the accident when negotiating a settlement. 

Future medical costs will always be factored into that equation when an experienced accident attorney is fighting for you. Attorneys often factor in the data associated with your particular type of injuries on their capacity for lengthy medical treatments. If needed, they’ll consult your physician, expert medical consultants and historical data to determine the likelihood of a resurgence of your medical challenges resulting from the accident, prolonged struggles with medical treatment, disability and other factors that may require additional monetary damages to compensate you for all of the challenges that the accident caused.

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