With 1.4 million Americans suffering brain injuries each year ( per The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and with symptoms of such injuries being as understated as they are, it’s important to recognize the signs of brain injury right away and get treatment.

Often difficult to detect, brain injuries can result from a variety of causes from car accidents to bad falls. Physical trauma to the head or brain can cause an interruption of normal brain functioning. Like any other injuries, brain injuries can be mild or sever and the subtlety of symptoms can often lead to a delay in treatment, which can be devastating ultimate prognosis.

Common head or brain injuries include concussions (a violent shaking of the brain); “closed” head injuries (less obvious trauma like whiplash); acquired brain injury (caused by a deprivation of brain tissue from oxygen as when a person suffers near drowning). 

(Recovering Damages in Brain Injury Claims)

Common symptoms of brain injuries may differ from children to adults.

In adults, common symptoms include: persistent headache, inability to concentrate, memory loss, dizziness, fatigue, mood or cognitive changes, nausea, blurred vision and loss of consciousness. Common symptoms of brain trauma in children also include irritability, changes in eating patterns, sleep, play or school performance, loss of interest, loss of new skills, vomiting and difficulty maintaining balance.

Many of these symptoms may appear over time and can lead to misdiagnosis. That is why it’s so important to seek medical care after suffering any kind of blow to the head even if you exhibit no symptoms and the trauma was what you might consider “minor.”

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