Due to the fact that many different entities have a hand in bringing a pharmaceutical drug to market, identifying the responsible party when that drug causes harm can be an arduous and complicated task. Understanding who is involved in what is called the “chain of distribution” for pharmaceutical drugs is important when you seek to file a defective products claim as a result of its use. The following offers a list of potential players when fleshing out those in the chain for pharmaceutical drugs:

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Drug Maker: Large drug manufacturers are no strangers to defective products claims. The liability is often even baked into the costing for production and distribution. These manufacturers are often the first targets of such claims when their drugs do harm in the marketplace. Drug makers are principally responsible for the products design and their presence on pharmacy shelves.

Pharmaceutical Labs: An important component of the process of bringing a pharmaceutical drug to the marketplace is testing. If there was an error or defect that impacted the testing process, you may want to include the laboratory whose work provided proof of efficacy for the drug.

Sales Representative: Drug makers frequently hire pharmaceutical sales teams to help bring awareness of their drugs to the medical community. They are an important part of how the drugs make their way into your hands and into hospital settings.

Doctors: The physician that prescribed the drug serves as a part of the chain of distribution for many drugs. If the prescribing doctor failed to adequately instruct the patient on how to utilize the drug and the dangers thereof, they may become the subject of a products liability claim.

Hospital Urgent Care Facility: Should the drug be administered or prescribed in a hospital or clinic setting, that facility may, indeed, be considered part of the chain of distribution and as such held liable for damages.

Pharmacy: A pharmacy is often your last point in the chain of distribution for most pharmaceutical drugs. Should the pharmacist fail to counsel on the proper use for the drug in question, and injury or illness result, they may be held liable for damages.

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