Cyclists who disobey traffic laws on the roads pose a distinct hazard to both motorists and pedestrians alike. For motorists, cyclists can maneuver in and out of traffic lanes quickly. They often disobey street lights and stop signs, frustrating motor vehicle drivers and causing serious accidents. But the fact is motor vehicles outmatch bicycles on just about any day and can cause severe injury or death when an accident occurs between the two. 

As for pedestrians, bicyclists can cause them considerable harm when the two collide on the roads. Bicycles can travel at high enough speeds that a collision with a pedestrian can cause broken bones or worse. 

(Negligence and Personal Injury Claims)

When they don’t follow the rules of the road, cyclists can be held responsible for the injuries that result when they cause accidents. Whether that occurs with a motor vehicle or a pedestrian, personal injury liability will lie at the foot of the one who owes and neglects their duty of care on the roads, when that causes injury. 

What Duty of Care Do Bicyclists Owe Others On the Roads?

Traffic laws apply to motor vehicles, of course, but they also apply to bicyclists. Street signs, traffic lights, lane usage and something as simple as driving on the correct side of the street are all ways in which bicyclists must adhere to traffic laws for all on the roads. By doing so they observe a duty of care to all others on the roads, including pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers.

When cyclists and pedestrians enter shared spaces like paths for cyclists and runners/walkers or on a crosswalk negligent behavior can result. But the rules apply to pedestrians also. Take for example the crosswalk example. If a pedestrian enters the space and a cyclists runs through it against the light, hitting and injuring the pedestrian, the bicyclist may be held liable for personal injury damages that result. Likewise, should the pedestrian enter the crosswalk against the like and enter the path of an oncoming cyclists, causing a collision with injuries as a result, the pedestrian can be held responsible for the accident and liable for personal injury damages that result.

Everyone on the roads has a part to play in safety and a responsibility toward others.

Who’s Resonsible When a Bike Malfunctions on the Road, Causing an Accident? 

Bicyclists can encounter malfunctioning bikes on the roadways, and that can cause serious injury. Imagine a bicycle suddenly stopping because of a faulty chain, or a bike whose breaks fail. Whether encountering a pedestrian or a motor vehicle on the roads, a bicycle malfunction can cause a myriad of injuries as a result.

If the accident was truly found to be caused by a malfunction in the bicycle, you may have a defective product personal injury claim, that is if the malfunction was caused by a defect in the bike. If the tires are found to be defective, or if the breaks are found to have a defect that caused them to fail in a dangerous traffic situation, and resulting accident and injuries can leave the manufacturer liable for defect products personal injury damages.

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