The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that more than 1.3 million U.S. workers work each day in spaces that routinely expose them to large amounts of asbestos.

Shown to be a carcinogen, asbestos has long been associated with the progression of a host of serious diseases including lung, gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer, as well as mesothelioma. Consequently, OSHA and other organizations dedicated to fostering safe workplaces, pay close attention to exposure to asbestos in the workplace. Laws inhibit the amount of asbestos exposure workers are permitted to encounter in the workplace in order to reduce their risk for developing health issues as a result.

(Understanding the Basics of Workers Compensation)

As such, employees in industries that may expose them to large amounts of asbestos (like construction, auto repair, manufacturing, roofing, etc.) may receive training, ongoing monitoring, appropriate workplace ventilation, specialized clothing and protective safeguards and equipment, post-exposure precautions and health exams (all at the expense of their employer) as a means of limiting the risk of health issues resulting from asbestos exposure.

Take Precautions When You’re Exposed to Asbestos in the Workplace

Because of its enduring durability, asbestos is still regularly used in a wealth of industries worldwide. So it’s important that those exposed to the substance in large quantities and on a regular basis take great pains to monitor their health as a result. Those exposed to asbestos in the workplace and have suffered resulting health issues may not, in fact, experience symptoms for years after that exposure. 

Contacting a skilled personal injury attorney like those at Bizzieri Law Offices in Chicago, who have experience investigating such claims, may open up a variety of options. Some of those include health monitoring despite the absence of symptoms. 

Who is Liable in Asbestos Exposure Personal Injury Law Suits

Typically, personal injury claims are filed in these cases against the manufacturer of the asbestos in questions, or the maker of protective gear or clothing that failed to prevent exposure. Owners of any property where work was taking place during exposure as well as contractors and subcontractors involved in the work itself may also be subjects of personal injury lawsuits when substantial asbestos exposure is claimed. 

The experienced personal injury attorneys of Bizzieri Law Offices in Chicago have a strong track record in filing claims on behalf of employees in the workplace. We know the issues that help to establish fault and the rights of employees who have suffered unreasonable exposure to toxic materials and workplace risks. If you have questions about workplace injury or harm and want to discuss your case with an attorney, call our offices at 773.881.9000. The initial consultation is free, and we collect no fee unless we win damages for you.