As with any kind of vehicle accident, trucks (commercial and non-commercial) can be involved in head-on collisions, rear-end or side impact or even side-swipe collisions. But some truck accidents actually emanate from the actual make-up of a truck itself. For instance, because of their sheer size, taller trucks that rear-ending a smaller vehicle may end up overriding and running over it. This could potentially cause the truck to crush the car beneath it. 

(Proving Liability in a Trucking Accident Personal Injury Claim).

Likewise, when a standard car rear-ends a truck, it can cause an underride accident, where it ends up sliding completely underneath the taller vehicle. 

Another element that makes trucks more dangerous on the roads is their higher center of gravity. This makes them more liable to rollover during a high-speed accident than a standard car. There’s no need to say what kind of damage a speeding truck can do on a busy highway when it rolls over onto its side across several lanes. Of course, most drivers are familiar with jackknife accidents, which occur after a sudden stop and the trailer continues to push forward as the truck quickly decreases its rate of speed. In this circumstance, the trailer may swing wildly to one side or another, or it may even break or “run away” from the truck, leaving untold damage in its wake.

Add to this, the element of certain trucks’ functions and you could really have a problem on your hands when getting into an accident with these vehicles on the roadways. For instance, tanker trucks often carry flammable or toxic liquids. You get into an accident with these kinds of vehicles and you may have to deal with explosions, hazardous spills or quickly spreading fires. 

Flatbed trucks, which have open sides, often carry large or oddly shaped materials, like lumber, for instance. If these kinds of loads are not appropriately secured, they can fall or be sent flying (when the truck is going at high speeds) and cause truck to fly out of control. 

Alternatively, delivery trucks have been known to stop abruptly when they reach their destination. Sometimes, they may make sudden turns to avoid missing a turn. These kinds of vehicles can pose their own distinctive danger on the roadways. 

These heightened risks only underscore the need for defensive driving on the roads, yet accidents still occur, and when they do, these heightened risks can lead to much greater harm and injury than standard car accidents produce.

With greater risk, plaintiffs can hardly afford to leave potential damages on the table by accepting quick settlement offers from a defendant’s insurer. You only get one bite of the apple when bringing a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries in an auto accident.

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