Because of their sheer size, commercial trucks pose a significant risk on the roadways, much more-so than standard vehicles, in many cases. Licensed truck drivers are trained to be cognizant of the distinct dangers trucks on the road present to drivers and even pedestrians. Trucks are often difficult to navigate on city streets and even some highways. Caution is key to maintaining safety when you are a truck driver or the driver of a standard vehicle when trucks are on the road. Of course, as with other vehicle accidents, driving mishaps on the road can lead to catastrophe, particularly when commercial trucks are driving at higher speeds.

These are some of the most common causes of trucking accidents on the roadways today:

Passenger Vehicle Error: Oftentimes, passenger vehicles sharing the roads with big rigs can ultimately be the causes of severe trucking accidents.  Some of the most common such errors often stem from vehicle drivers who lack accurate perception of a truck’s size, speed and braking ability.  Some drivers are ignorant of the common risks inherent with driving near a truck on the highways. Driving in the “No-Zone” (areas behind and beside a commercial truck that essentially comprise a truck driver’s “blind spot” with little to no visibility); changing lanes directly in front of a truck; failing to slow or speed up when a nearby truck begins to change lanes; and pulling into traffic from the roadside in front of a truck without accelerating adequately to avoid collision all account for errors that often lead to accidents with commercial trucks. Others include merging improperly into traffic and causing a truck to maneuver or brake suddenly; driving between large trucks; and driving on a truck’s right-hand-side, when a truck is signaling it will be making a right turn.

(See The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMSCA) Safety tips and resources for commercial truck drivers and other motorists.)

Of course, truck drivers also find themselves the causes of trucking accidents, and it’s important for commercial enterprises like shippers to be aware of the common reasons truck drivers are found responsible for trucking accidents. 

They include poor or inadequate training with regards to driving technique, safety precautions and defensive driving; compensation plans that encourage faster deliveries and substantial hours of consecutive vehicle operation (exceeding what is commonly considered normal and safe); Big rig and other commercial truck drivers are skilled and patient drivers, for the most part. However, in addition to the dangers inherent in the size and weight of the trucks used in commercial transportation and shipping, several characteristics can contribute to traffic accidents; unrealistic expectations of truck drivers and strenuous schedules.

Trucking accidents can prove devastating for those involved, causing a wide array of damages and even years of recuperation. It’s important to know what you should do if you are involved in a trucking accident. Of course, contacting a trucking accident attorney like those of Bizzieri Law Offices is key to securing the representation that will protect your rights and recover damages in your case. But first, those injured must seek medical treatment to insure they are assessed and treated for their injuries and to mitigate further injury resulting from a lack of treatment. It’s also important to document accident conditions as much as possible; and securing the support of witnesses on the scene can also provide substantial support for your personal injury claim. 

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