The restaurant industry is fraught with risk for diners. The fact is any time you consume a product you open yourself up to risk of foodborne illness. Conditions endemic to the restaurant business that contribute to this risk are many. Food contamination can take place anywhere along the chain of distribution. For restaurants that includes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Storage
  • Preparation

In addition, it is not uncommon for restaurant-goers to encounter excessively hot foods or liquids that cause burn injury through ingestion or spillage. Beyond the risk of foodborne illnesses and burn injuries, restaurants present the same risks any other public business establishment does. From water spills that pose slip and fall hazards in the public space to poor lighting and ill-kept facilities, the potential for risk abounds in the restaurant setting.

But when are restaurants legally liable for injuries sustained by their customers? The answer to that question is not a simple one. Circumstances often dictate liability in these kinds of cases. Products liability law dictates not only the restaurant but any entity involved in the chain of distribution (from food manufacturers to shippers to marketers) could be held liable for food poisoning or other illnesses sustained from consumption of food products. However, should the causal contaminant be proven to originate in the manufacture of the food product in question, the restaurant may actually be free of liability. The food manufacturer could be the appropriate subject of any personal injury lawsuit.

But restaurants are obligated to take reasonable care to avoid hazards in the workplace and to provide adequate warning when they do exist. A failure to meet this obligation can result in liability for any injuries that may result.

Determining the defendant in any personal injury claim can be difficult and successful recovery of damages become even more difficult when you don’t understand which theory of personal injury law should serve as the basis of your claim.

Obtaining the counsel of an experienced personal injury law firm is important for securing the damages you are entitled to and ensuring nothing is left on the table. From lost wages to loss of enjoyment, compensation in these cases can range far beyond the standard medical treatment and pain and suffering many defendants look to recover. The skilled attorneys of Bizzieri Law Offices in Chicago understand the scope of damages in personal injury cases. We have successfully fought for millions in injury cases, allowing our clients to recover lost financial stability and peace of mind.

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