Whenever anyone is involved in a serious accident, it’s often a confusing and traumatic time. How we remember details during the kind of excited state an accident presents may vary from person to person, but accuracy is most important. Once things have settled down, it’s often true that details become fuzzy or unclear. Or we remember things differently.

That is why it is so important to document the details of an accident whenever you have the presence of mind to do so as soon as possible. Taking notes on everything from the circumstances surround the accident (particularly before the accident occurred), details of the accident itself, what you experienced, all these are impactful to the outcome of a personal injury claim you might file to recover damages in your case.

Even after the accident, it may be helpful to take notes as you remember things you had not thought of before. It’s just important to get everything down, document all of the details that may be pertinent to your claim and ensure you develop as clear a picture of the accident and the events surround it as you possibly can as you present your claim. Some important elements of your claim you will want to document as soon as you are clear-headed enough to do so include:

  • Details of the accident
  • Your injuries (medical records will also be important in documenting your injuries AND treatment)
  • Economic Losses (loss of income, medical costs, repair costs, etc.)
  • Conversations About the Accident (phone or in-person conversations with insurers, police officers, the defendant are all fair game for documenting details relevant to your claim)

Of course, it’s also important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who is able to help navigate the personal injury claims process and negotiate a fair compensation for all of the appropriate damages in your claim. The skilled personal injury attorneys of Bizzieri Law Office offer a wealth of experience in fighting for the rights of our clients, recovering the highest damages available, allowing them the best chance of getting on with their lives. Call our attorneys at 773.881.9000 today. We will work hard for you.