Dealing with injuries from a car accident can be a very difficult prospect for anyone. Following an accident, your decision-making process can be mudded by worries and fears about recovering from your injuries, time off from work and possible long-term troubles that can come from being injured in a car accident.

It’s often tempting to work with the at-fault driver’s insurer at the outset, especially if they seem amenable to discussing a settlement. But negotiating with an insurer without the benefit of a practiced personal injury attorney can be the biggest mistake you make following a car accident. Here are four reasons you should re-think taking on an insurer or at-fault driver without the counsel of a skilled personal injury attorney:

  1. Negotiation is an Insurer’s Profession: Negotiating with injured parties and their attorneys is what insurers are paid to do. Insurers are skilled in the art of negotiation and are tasked with the express responsibility of paying as little as possible to settle your claim as they can manage. They have a figure or a range of figures they are comfortable with paying a claim. And their goal is to pay the least amount of that range possible when paying a claim. Having an attorney who is also skilled in the art of negotiation and who has experience in negotiating high awards in personal injury cases is your best advantage when pursuing a personal compensation for your injuries.
  • Without an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney, a Quick Settlement Offer Could Leave Money On the Table: Sometimes, insurers offer injured personal injury claimants swift settlements to quickly resolve the claim and obtain a release for the at-fault driver and their insurer. If this happens, the injured party will also sign away any rights to future claims for damages that develop down the line. Injuries that have yet to surface (e.g. soft tissue or brain injuries) months after the accident can be costly and painful, and if you sign a quick release for an early settlement, you—not the at-fault driver—will be responsible for resulting medical treatment. An experienced personal injury attorney will factor in possible future damages in any negotiation for settlement.
  • You May Not Receive All Possible Damages in Your Case: Have you ever heard of loss of consortium? Did you know that victims of negligence may be eligible to receive compensation for the loss of ability to enjoy engaging in activities they enjoyed prior to the accident? There are a host of damages available to car accident victims to help make them “whole” of the totality of injuries they endured from another’s negligence. Loss of income, loss of future income, loss of companionship are all possible damages that may be left on the table if you work directly with an insurer following a car accident. Typically, insurers will address medical injuries and possible some pain and suffering. But these additional personal injury damages will never see the light of day if you don’t have an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for you rights during the negotiation process.

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