Complications from food poisoning can range from something as mild as a cramp or two to kidney failure or worse. And those involved in the chain of distribution of contaminated food products are all fair game for liability in a defective products personal injury claim.

The problem often is sourcing the tainted food in the first place. But that is not the problem in the recent E. Coli outbreak linked to Romaine lettuce stemming from Yuma, Arizona. As of the writing of this blog post, 84 illnesses over 19 states have been reported linked to the outbreak. Forty-two of those cases have required hospitalization, some include kidney failure.

CDC has issued a warning that anyone who believes they are in possession of Romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona area should promptly throw it out. In fact, many suggest throwing out any Romaine lettuce if there is any doubt about its origins.

That is how serious food poisoning can be.

Even though we know that this outbreak started with Romaine lettuce that originated in farms in Yuma, Arizona, that does not mean that only those farms are responsible for damages resulting from consumption of that product.

Whether you got that lettuce at a local restaurant salad bar or from a local grocery chain, every entity on the chain of distribution from the farms in Yuma to that local grocery chain or restaurant could be named in a products liability personal injury claim resulting from injuries or illness sustained as a result of the contamination.

The fact is that those hospitalized as a result of the recent outbreak (and that number continues to grow today) are owed a duty of care by all who held some responsibility in getting that lettuce on to your dinner plate.

Every restaurant, grocer, shipper and even marketer assumes a responsibility for the Romaine lettuce wrecking havoc in the lives of consumers over 19 states today.

As such, personal injury claims may result leaving anyone (and everyone) within that chain of distribution on the hook for damages.

The likelihood of a class action suit with an outbreak this massive is great. And if you were injured as a result of it, you have the right to join or bring your own case to bear. Seeking the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney like those at Bizzieri Law Offices in Chicago will help determine the best path for you.

We can help assess the best route for you and your case and, of course, work assiduously to pursue the highest damages to which you are entitled, if you chose that route.

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