Air travel is among the safest forms of travel we know today. Many, many years ago, when commercial air travel was a new industry, many people feared traveling by airplane. Today, most travelers take air safety for granted, flying from coast to coast and even internationally with regularity.

However, it cannot be lost on anyone that accidents in the air do happen and when they do, people can suffer great harm, if not loss of life.

When accidents occur in the air, who is at fault? Because air travel is an international industry, there is an international treaty established by the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air or the Montreal Convention.

This blog post, however, will discuss personal injury liability when accidents occur via domestic travel.

Domestic air travel is regulated by rules established by the Department of Transportation, along with applicable local, state laws. Many factors contribute to the determination of which rules apply to a given case. They include:

· Departure Jurisdiction

· Arrival Jurisdiction

· Where the Accident Occurred

Additionally, many provisions covering liability by an airline are laid out in arbitration clauses and contract provisions attendant to the purchase of an airline ticket.

With so many factors at play, pursuing damages from an airline for injuries suffered in air travel can be a daunting task. The experienced personal injury attorneys of Bizzieri Law Offices in Chicago have are skilled at examining and identifying applicable laws that govern each unique case. We will work hard to establish liability under all applicable laws and develop a personal injury claim that demonstrates the duty of care owed, and any neglect of that duty that led to your injuries.

Of course, accidents in the air are not always life ending. And there are times when in flight turbulence or unruly passengers, which are out of the airline’s control, may cause harm to passengers. But that is why it is vitally important to obtain the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney when you suffer injury in flight.

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