Gathering documentation after a car accident is certainly important, but it’s not just the details you gather at the scene that will support your claim. (Report says traffic fatalities are up in Illinois for 2021) Once you have secured medical care, which should always be your primary objective immediately following an accident, you’ll want to ensure that you have records to substantiate your personal injury damages. After all, an accident in and of itself, does not entitle you to damages. Losses resulting from the accident are what damages seek to redress. (Personal Injury Damages as related to Brain Injury)

These records are pivotal to documenting damages in your personal injury claim when you’ve suffered losses in a car accident:

Medical Records: If you’ve suffered physical injuries as a result of an automobile accident, you will absolutely want to seek medical attention. And recovery is typically a process, where you move from point A to B. As such, it is very important you retain copies of all of your medical records along the way. They document the names and addresses of all of your medical providers throughout your recovery. They help to show your diagnosis following the accident, and they provide a window into just how long it may take to get to full recovery. You will want to provide your personal injury attorney all of your medical records, so that they can aptly evaluate your claim, develop a clear picture of your damages and be in a better position to negotiate a settlement or even argue your claim in court. If you don’t have a copy of all of your medical records, your attorney will be able to obtain them with your written permission from your medical providers.

Psychological Records: If your accident has impacted your mental or emotional health, and you have had to seek psychological (or psychiatric) treatment, your personal injury attorney will certainly need to be kept up-to-date on your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. These details can impact your damages, negotiations and more.

As with medical records, your attorney will be able to acquire documentation about your diagnosis and treatment with your authorization if you have any gaps in your records.

Employment Compensation Records: In a lot of cases, when injuries result from an automobile accident, victims are incapable of resuming work immediately following the accident. If you have lost pay as a result of an inability to resume work after an accident, your attorney will need documentation of that fact to aptly fight for compensation for lost wages. Evidence of earnings prior to the accident and following the accident will give a clearer picture to a court or insurer of just what your resulting earnings losses are.

Keeping track of important records in the aftermath of an accident may be frustrating and even difficult, but it’s an essential part of preparation for the fight to recover all of the damages you deserve as a result. 

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand the complexities of your case and take the necessary steps to acquire all of the documentation that will support your injury claim.

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