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Testers report problems with new Tesla Autopilot setting

Many self-driving safety features in newer vehicles can help prevent accidents. However, some automated systems may also have a downside. According to a Consumer Reports test, Tesla's newest Autopilot update could put drivers in danger. Illinois drivers who use the automatic lane-changing feature could end up cutting off other cars or committing passing violations.

What happens after a workers' comp claim denial?

The rules of workers' compensation insurance seem easy enough. If you suffer an injury on the job, your employer's insurance covers your medical bills and lost wages. Fault is not an issue since workers' comp exists to prevent lawsuits from clogging up the courts every time a worker gets an injury on the job.

Operation Safe Driver Week takes on deadly threat of speeding

Operation Safe Driver Week will include law enforcement agencies in Illinois and throughout North America. The annual event organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance plans to target both commercial and private vehicles exceeding the speed limit. Organizers selected speeding as this year's top priority due to its significant contribution to motor vehicle crashes and traffic fatalities.

Distracted driving poses a serious danger

Most motorists in Illinois are aware of that fact distracted driving kills. At the same time, large numbers of people continue to drive their cars while using their mobile phones to talk, text or even watch videos. In one online study involving thousands of American drivers, almost half of the participants saw distracted driving as the biggest threat to roadway safety. At the same time, these survey participants spent an average of 13 minutes a day behind the wheel on their own mobile phones.

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