Exposing the dangers of driving while fatigued

Residents of Illinois and every other state across the U.S. would likely agree that sleep deprivation has a negative effect on a person's body and mood. It can be difficult for most people to concentrate when they are tired. While the negative effect that sleep deprivation has on the body is well understood, some people feel that driving while drowsy is not as dangerous as it really is.

A popular vehicle manufacturer decided to highlight some of the dangers that a person is exposed to when they get behind the wheel when fatigued by allowing young drivers to wear a "Sleep Suit." This was done on March 15, 2019, designated as World Sleep Day. It gave young people a much better idea of how fatigue can play a major role in car accidents.

The Sleep Suit consists of several pieces that add weight to the body of the wearer. Special goggles that are connected to a smartphone app are used to simulate what the brain goes through as it shuts down because of being tired. It starts by blocking the wearer's vision for a fraction of a second and then goes up to 10 seconds. When a person is tired while driving, their eyes can be open, but their brain may be experiencing micro sleeps.

When a person gets behind the wheel after exceeding the drinking limit, they are putting themselves and others at risk. Getting behind the wheel while fatigued can be just as risky. Sobering up helps an individual who has consumed too much alcohol, and similarly, the only cure for fatigue is rest.

An individual who was injured in a car accident because of a fatigued driver may take advice from personal injury lawyers. A lawyer may be able to evaluate and assemble a civil claim by looking at evidence provided through investigations done by local authorities. A legal professional may also be of assistance when negotiating a settlement with the responsible party.

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