Conditions that frequently lead to slip-and-fall accidents

There are many different conditions that can contribute to a slip-and-fall accident. Residents of Illinois should know what these are. For business owners, it's important to make sure to keep a property free of such hazards. As for entrants, they should know when a premises liability claim would be valid.

Icy and snowy walkways are a frequent factor in slip-and-fall accidents. However, property owners do not necessarily have a duty to clear ice and snow from the outside of a building as a result of the weather. Only in the case of an unnatural accumulation, such as when melting snow trickles past a clogged drain and turns to ice over the ground, are owners responsible. Whenever owners choose to remove the ice or snow, they must do so thoroughly.

Parking lots and sidewalks are sites for many injuries. The slope of a parking lot, for instance, could cause melting ice to form puddles and eventually ice patches. Furthermore, cracks and holes become trip hazards. Owners are generally responsible for those sidewalks that are used exclusively for entering and exiting the business.

Inadequate lighting is yet another common factor. It can hide curbs, debris and other trip hazards. In some cases, bad lighting turns stairwells into dangerous places.

If the owner can be deemed legally responsible for a slip, trip or fall, the victim may want to hire a lawyer and file a premises liability claim. Personal injury lawyers normally have networks of professionals who can gather proof against an owner. Valuable information may include the incident report, surveillance footage and physical evidence from the property.

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