How attractiveness differences can affect a marriage

The dating scene can be a challenging place for many people in Chicago. People who are considered exceptionally attractive may receive lots of solicitations on dating sites or in person. However, while social standards of beauty and attractiveness are pervasive, people may have widely disparate views of what they consider to be personally attractive. Still, the way that people are perceived by others can have a significant impact on how well a relationship functions over time. A number of researchers have delved into the question of whether couples with a presumed gap in attractiveness are likely to succeed in their relationships.

Some research found that couples in which one partner was widely considered to be far more attractive than the other were likely to face problems. Some found that the partner considered to be less attractive could become jealous or controlling, leading to increasing levels of conflict. Another study involved women who considered their male partners to be much less attractive than themselves. These women said they were less committed to their relationships and more likely to flirt with others. However, their attitudes may be related to other issues with contempt or disregard, both of which can contribute to divorce.

Other studies were less bleak. Research involving husbands of wives assessed as much more attractive by a panel of outsiders found that these men were happier and more dedicated to their relationships. Another study found that issues related to attractiveness disparities were irrelevant if the partners were friends prior to their romantic relationship.

By the time a relationship reaches the marriage stage, conflicts are likely to relate to more complex issues like financial planning, parenting, infidelity or addiction. A family law attorney can advise a divorcing spouse on key issues, such as property division, child custody and spousal support.

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