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Determining when and if to sell the home during a divorce

It can be a challenge for divorcing couples in Illinois to divide their assets during their divorce settlement. Certain assets can be divided down the middle. Others, such as houses, automobiles, and properties, may not provide this option. On paper, selling assets and then splitting the proceeds 50-50 seems to be the best idea. However, there are circumstances, including personal attachments to items and family responsibilities, that may not make a 50-50 split right for some.

Paternity questions during divorce

If your divorce is being complicated by the question of paternity, it is important to know your legal rights. Biological and non-biological fathers of children have a duty of parental responsibility but can settle their case in court appropriately.

Defining an attractive nuisance

Property owners could be held liable if a child trespasses and sustains injuries while on their yard or other space that they control. In Illinois and many other states, children are not expected to fully comprehend the dangers that they could face. Therefore, property owners who have something that could attract a child to their property are responsible for putting safeguards in place. Failing to do so could result in financial and other negative consequences.

Automatic emergency braking reduces collisions, study shows

Drivers in Illinois weighing their new vehicle options may want to look for models with automatic emergency braking, a safety feature that has proven to be effective at reducing collisions, according to results from an Insurance Institute For Highway Safety study. The study looked at 10 popular models released by General Motors over a two-year period.

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