Hazards to motorcyclists

Many motorcycle accidents occur happen, not because of crashes with another car, but because of hazards on or in the road. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash statistics, over 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in 2016. What are the most hazardous conditions for motorcyclists?

Slippery roads  

When roads are slick, it is hard to maneuver your bike and the chances of a crash increase dramatically when you hit a slippery spot. Water, ice, snow and leaves are all hazards that can promote loss of control on a motorcycle. If you are in a situation where the road conditions are hazardous, remember to slow down and try not to make sharp turns.

Loose gravel

When a typical car hits a patch of gravel, the stability of four wheels aid in keeping the car upright. The same does not go for a motorcycle. With only two wheels, it is easy for the front wheel to turn in, which can make the bike flip or tip.

Rough Roads

Bumpy roads or roads under construction pose a great hazard. For example, potholes could make a wheel dig in and large bumps make it hard to stay stable. These types of road conditions can make even a seasoned driver lose control and crash.

Uneven surfaces "edge breaks"

Uneven surfaces, also known as "edge breaks," are when to roads connect at uneven heights. While this may not be an issue for more naturally stable vehicles, it can cause a lot of problems for motorcyclists.

Strong winds

This hazard may come as a surprise, but strong gusts of wind do create vulnerable situations for bikers. An unsuspecting burst of wind may make the motorcycle wobble, increasing the possibility of a crash.

The easiest way to avoid these types of accidents is to stay aware while on the road. Watching out for possible hazards can help you avoid a nasty crash.

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