Child pedestrians: Are they safe on Halloween?

Children and young adults flock the streets on Halloween night, and it is just around the corner. While it is tradition to go door-to-door collecting goodies, how safe are child pedestrians?

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, child fatality is, on average, twice as high on Halloween than any other night of the year. What are the biggest hazards to children on Halloween and how can parents help them stay safe?

Halloween hazards

There are a lot of dangers that parents/guardians can overlook when sending their kids out for the evening. While many parents choose to go along and supervise, accidents still happen. Hazards that children face on Halloween include:

  • Visibility: Most children start trick-or-treating after night falls, which can be a problem as most accidents happen when it is dark. Also, many Halloween costumes are dark in color, as well as covering up most of one’s body. These factors make it difficult for drivers to see children if they are in the street before it is too late.
  • Crossing the street: Because children are going up to many houses throughout the evening, crossing the street without looking can be a concern, especially if drivers are not watching the street closely.
  • Drunk driving: Many young adults choose to party on Halloween, which means that drunk driving increases. Children walking around at night could find themselves victim to a drunk driving accident.

Halloween safety tips

Accidents happen, but there are ways to protect your children on Halloween. Tips to stay safe on the holiday include:

  • Wear light or reflective costumes
  • Stay on the sidewalks and cross the street at intersections
  • Walk with flashlights in hand to increase visibility
  • Walk in groups to be more noticeable

Halloween is a fun holiday for children, but it can pose a danger as well. Making sure to follow the safety tips can save a life.

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